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P&D Sterilizing Mist

Introducing P&D Sterilizing Mist

Give yourself peace of mind with P&D Sterilizing Mist, a 2-in-1 disinfectant spray that can clean your hands, and the air around you.


-94.5% Ethanol Alcohol AND 70% Isopropyl Alcohol, Artesian water, Essential oils, Eucalyptus, Other Organic Flaxseed, and Organic Aloe Vera.

Why use P&D Sterilizing Mist

Act Faster

P&D Sterilizing Mist works faster than hand wash or soap

2 in 1 formula

It cleans your hands and also Sterilizes the air around you

Highly effective

It kills 99.9% of harmful bacteria & viruses

High Quality

Manufactured with highest quality materials & manufacturing standards

Fast Delivery

We offer faster delivery & immediate shipping

Secure Payment

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Money back guarantee

Don't like the product? We offer 30-day money back guarantee.